Introducing Drilldo…The Ultimate Sex Tool

Here’s Why...

  • Sometimes sexual satisfaction is a D.I.Y. job, and Drilldo puts the power of pleasure in your hands!
  • Turn your household power drill into the ultimate sex toy with an array of specially made Drilldo attachments featuring the world-famous Vac-U-Lock fully interchangeable pleasure system.
  • Featuring attachment designs for every sensual desire, ranging from lifelike shapes to anal play, Drilldo effortlessly and powerfully gets the job done.

Turn your household drill into a powerful pleasure tool


Fits any standard household power drill

Finally a pleasure product that hides in plain sight! The power behind the Drilldo lies within your trusty power drill. The same tool that you use around the house can now be used for so much more!

Easy to Use

Control the Drilldo as you normally would handle a power drill — no instruction manual needed! With no buttons to fumble through, Drilldo delivers intense stimulation easily.

Unique, powerful stimulation

Utilizing the mighty rotations that allow power drills to penetrate through even the toughest materials, Drilldo offers deep, powerful spinning stimulation that’s unlike any other pleasure product. Tired of vibrators? Drilldo offers a unique, dynamic alternative to self stimulation and couples play.

Wide variety of attachments

Drilldo offers an array of specially crafted attachments that easily fit onto your power drill. Among the attachments that Drilldo offers are designs that are made for targeted G-Spot stimulation, anal play and more.

Fun Role Playing Accessories

Drilldo Sets come with fun construction-themed accessories for intimate role-playing. Couples can take their sexy construction worker fantasies to new levels by dressing up in the included construction worker vest, safety goggles and a tool bag that are included with certain Drilldo sets (3 Pc Drilldo Starter Set, 6 Pc Spiral Drilldo Set, 6 Pc Deluxe Drilldo Set, Vac-U-Lock Compatible Drilldo Bit Starter Set).

Vac-U-Lock compatible

 Designed to be used with Vac-U-Lock — the world's first fully interchangeable — the Drilldo collection can be used with a wide variety of attachments. Each Drilldo bit features the Vac-U-Lock “plug” that slips into the base of any Drilldo attachment, creating a vacuum-lock. The plug’s two-notch shaft ensures that the attachments stays in place securely.

Drilldo Beads

9” Drilldo Beads + Vac-U-Lock Compatible Drilldo Bit

Perfect for anal play beginners, the 9” Drilldo Beads features beads in graduated sizes that allows you work your way up through bigger and bigger beads. Available in pink and purple colors, the beads are sleek and soft to the touch. Included is the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit.

Drilldo Dildo

8” Drilldo Dildo

Fans of realistic dildos will love the 8” Drilldo Dildo. Offering a beginner’s friendly size and available in a lifelike light skinned color, as well as black, the 8” Drilldo Dilldo features a realistic texture that will feel incredible when combined with the unique swirling sensations of your power drill. Included is the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit.

Drilldo Dildo

10” Drilldo Dildo

The 10” Drilldo Dildo is perfect for fans of realistic toys. Featuring lifelike details, this dildo offers 10 inches of deep penetration. Available in a light skin color as well as solid black, this attachment also includes the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit.

Drilldo Dildo

12” Drilldo Dildo

For the ultimate drilling experience, the 12” Drilldo Dildo delivers deep penetration, a realistic shape and lifelike details including color and thick veins that will provide a unique sensation. Included is the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit. Available in a light skin color and black.

Drilldo Jelly

10” Drilldo Jelly

The 10” Drilldo Jelly dildo features a realistic shape in a vibrant hot pink or purple color. Made of pliable jelly, the 10” Drilldo Dildo easily attaches to your household power drill thanks to the included Vac-U-Lock Compatible Drilldo Bit that is included.

Drilldo Suction Dildo

8” Drilldo Suction Dildo + Universal Dildo Holder

The versatile 8” Drilldo Suction Dildo offers two ways to play! Featuring a lifelike shape and details like thick veins that not only contribute to its realistic look but also feel pleasurable internally. Featuring a suction cup, this dildo can be used without a power drill. Simply attach the dildo to any smooth surface. The included Universal Dildo Holder allows it to easily attach to a power drill for intense pleasure. 

Drilldo Starter Set

3 Pc Drilldo Starter Set

The 3 Piece Drilldo Starter Set includes everything that you need to experience the Ultimate Sex Toy! Included in this set is a handheld power drill, a Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit and a lifelike dildo. To complete your construction worker fantasy, this set also includes a tool bag to store your Drilldo toys. An AC adapter is also included in the kit to ensure your drill delivers intense power.

6 Piece Drilldo Spiral Set

6 Pc Spiral Drilldo Set

The 6 Piece Spiral Drilldo Set is the ultimate anal play kit. This set includes a handheld power drill, a Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit, an elongated anal plug and a douche. To really live out your construction worker fantasy, this kit also included a construction worker vest and safety goggles.

6 Piece Deluxe Drilldo Set

6 Pc Deluxe Drilldo Set

The 6 Piece Drilldo Set features two lifelike Drilldo attachments in two sizes, along with a handheld power drill and the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit. Experience internal stimulation unlike anything else with this ultimate kit that also includes fun role playing accessories such as safety goggles and a construction worker vest.

Custom Drilldo Bit

Vac-U-Lock Compatible Drilldo Bit Starter Set

This starter kit includes the essential Drilldo Bit, which is all you need to turn your household power drill into a powerful sex toy. The Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo Bit works with a wide assortment of Vac-U-Lock compatible attachments.